Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Wednesday Woes

iPodery: Caribou, Super Furry Animals

Photo emulsion is the devil's own excrement. I have been trying to get four small areas of colour onto a print entitled "Niobe" (check out the song by Caribou) since 12:30. Photoemulsion is a key part of the priniting process, as it blocks out areas you don't want to print and (when exposed to UV light) it opens up the areas you want ink to run through when printing. All my woes today are due to photo emulsion problems. First time, it was my lack of experience. Second time? I have no clue.


Blogger Geosomin said...

Did you stand on one leg, stick out your tongue and sing Mary Had a Little Lamb all at the same time? No?
Well there you go...

05 February, 2009 07:31  
Blogger Magnus said...

Third time was the charm and all i had to do was rise from the dead and sing "Danny Boy". (and if anyone knows that reference, i am impressed)

05 February, 2009 14:21  

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