Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Soy un Perdedor

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I'm a driver, I'm a winner . . . things are gonna change, I can feel it - from "Loser" by Beck

**Re-Edited for mistakes and new content at 22:30 7th May, 2008. Some really odd mistakes that I don't recall making.

Okay, I'm not the loser in question (translate the above title) but a former co-worker of mine is. Let us refer to said loser as LJ. LJ was an alright guy to work with for the most, but he was lazy and had these really weaselly tendencies when he started off. Initially, his laziness wasn't such a big thing - he was mainly just clocking in his time but still doing his job a bit better than half-assed. LJ was in his early 20's and directionless.
At one point he wanted to be a cop, but he didn't want to get a criminology degree. He also didn't want to give up smoking pot. He wanted more out of his life than his ex-convict relatives, but wasn't prepared to put in the effort. If the Staples "Easy" button actually worked, LJ would have his pressed 24/7. Responsibility was pressing down on him and the desire for better was there, but not the drive.
His buddies were in trades and working down at the docks. They made good money - better money than he did. LJ wanted the cars and the women, but was failing to impress the way his buddies were. So LJ decided that he would pick up a trade and get into construction. He got the job as a general labourer to start and was very happy. I let him know that the foreman (with whom I was acquainted) would be keeping a sharp eye on him and he would really have to pull his weight. He stated that he would, no problem given the money he'd be making.
LJ was sick of our site and failed to show up for his shifts for his last week and a half. He had claimed the need for a holiday. I had warned him not to shaft the company, to stay on good terms and keep those bridges intact. But he burned them and burned a few of the people he worked with.
Two months later I get a call from human resources asking me what I could remember about LJ and his final weeks with the company. I told H.R. what happened and how he had really been slacking off on the job leading up to when he had given his notice. (finding secluded spots to sleep, for instance) Apparently a driving school had called the company looking for a reference. We all shook our heads and carried on with things.
As my own time on the job is winding down, I've been wondering about happened to LJ? My hope had been that he had bounced back and got some sort of work ethic going so he could get going with his life. Tall order apparently. One of my former supervisors dropped by today and shared with me what exactly has become of dear, young LJ. LJ has become a drug dealer. More specifically, he runs crack to people looking for delivery. He has already done some jail time and is right back at it, a dope dealing crack for suckers.
LJ's life was X-Box, pot, booze, hip hop and getting laid. LJ was lazy in all respects, most of all with his mind. I have always stated that crime and criminal activity/behaviour is not as cut and dry as many right wing people claim it is. But sometimes it is. Sometimes the cause is just the stupidity of youth, pure and simple. Sometimes it is a a result of an underlying mental disorder. Sometimes it is because a person's life is getting away from them and they have no idea how they can get it back. But sometimes it is just because a person is just too damned lazy to do anything else. Because a person expects everyone else to carry the ball for them.
LJ stated that his great fear was becoming like his father and his uncles. Maybe it was the main reason he wanted to become a cop. When his father, a thief, tried to recruit him into a life of crime he resisted. His cousins avoided a life of crime and his sisters avoided it too - so what is his deal? He is lazy. He is too lazy and irresponsible to pick himself up and do what he has to do to stay legit. To lazy to figure out that if you want better you have to slug it out and work at it.
So here's to LJ, another one of life's big losers. Another statistic coming to crime study near you.


Blogger RC said...

ah, too bad LJ won't ever read this post...i imagine it would touch his heart.

although from the sound of it, he'd probably only read the first couple sentences.

07 May, 2008 22:52  
Blogger Magnus said...

As LJ would have replied, "Read?"

07 May, 2008 23:22  
Anonymous Dave said...


07 May, 2008 23:59  
Blogger Geosomin said...

It's, I think, a part of "growing up"...realising you have to actually try and work for the stuff you want.
Some people never figure that out...or they just don't want to.

08 May, 2008 08:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

whatda-ya mean work? i done that
stuff in school an' it sucks!

08 May, 2008 15:07  
Blogger Magnus said...

I'd be surprised if that wasn't Macanuck.

08 May, 2008 16:27  

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