Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sherrying the Whisky

Song in Play: Still "Mind Games" by John Lennon (but it is no longer just in my head)

I just revived a drink I mixed for the first time almost a decade ago. I call it a Sidhe, (shee) which is Gaelic for a supernatural being comparable to faeries or elves. Originally it was Jameson's mixed with some brand of Oloroso cream sherry - 3/4 an ounce of whiskey to 1/3 sherry. I don't have either on hand right now so I had to make due.
My Dad mistakenly thought that his wife likes sherry so I get the bottle instead. (Harvey;s Bristol Cream this time) I typically use sherry to steam cook fish or make rich sauces. (try it in a tomato sauce sometime - tomato and cream if you really want to get decadent. COOK WITH BOOZE!!!) The only whisky I have on hand is a decent, low cost blend from Scotland called Ailsa Craig. (named after this place) I'd never try this drink with a single malt or a special blend like Poit Dhubh (potch goo) or Te Bheag. (chay vek) At any rate, it works pretty well. Jameson is a better match since it is aged in sherry casks, but this isn't bad. I may also have added Angostura bitters to it as well, but that is for tomorrow night since I usually try to avoid imbibing on a work night.
Now when Geo makes those Guinness gingerbread cookies...


Blogger Geosomin said...

I put in my bid for the cookbook...
That drink sounds nice actuallly.

You're in luck. My strawberry wheat beer (once I get round to starting it) should be ready to bottle right when when you're can help us with it.

I plan on making some espresso stout later too...

04 April, 2008 10:28  
Blogger Magnus said...

How's about an oat-nut banana bran ale aged for a year in bourbon casks?

04 April, 2008 12:03  

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