Thursday, July 19, 2007

Getting Along

CD in Play: Beck, Sea Change

Moving Along...

As indicated below, I am currently looking at my options elsewhere in the country because I really need to get away from BC. I have been aiming for a couple of better paying positions that would make staying here my best option, but nothing has come of it so far. My friend Thoth suggested Toronto - the big T.O. - but I am not interested in living there. Aside from my Western biases, Toronto poses the same problem for me that Vancouver poses right now - a high cost of living eating far to much of my earnings. So Thoth, get me a job there at $25.00-$28.00 and hour - and that I can shunt to part time after 6 months in order to return to school - and I will move to "the centre of the universe". Any Torontonian that wants this born and bred Lower Mainlander to eat his at least some of his words words about T.O. just needs to guarantee me a high paying job there. (and provide me with at least 2 fans or an A/C unit so I can survive summertime) I have to be able to pay down my student loans and return to school, otherwise I am just stuck at the same level I am at now. I need places with low costs of living places ( e.g. Saskatchewan and the Maritimes) where I can make my earnings go farther.
One thing my research has turned up is just how amazing a university the University of Saskatchewan is. I had heard it was good, but good is clearly an understatement. I am looked at their Art and History departments and I am well and truly impressed. The thing people don't get about Saskatchewan is it really is a "do it yourself" kind of place. While many cities have a lot of diversions for people, Saskatchewan is a place where you make your own fun happen. Not a bad thing in my opinion.

Reading Along...

I have not finished The Children of Men by P.D. James yet. I took it out of my work bag and have kept forgetting to stick it back in so I can read in transit. I remembered yesterday and must say that the book does pick up as it moves along. Some of my earlier criticisms fall flat as the book progresses. The film and the book are clearly different animals and there would have no way to do Jameses novel as a film. (James'? Which is correct?) Still, it is worth your while to pick them up if you are into that sort of story. (and no Mum, I dont think you would enjoy it)

Watching Along...

What would the me of high school think of the me of today. He'd be bloody horrified: fat, bald, single, working a crap job and no `69 Camero Super Sport. But, perhaps the most egregious fault the me of yesteryear would find with the present me is that I am watching Doctor Who and enjoying it. In high school Doctor Who had a small contingent of fans, three of whom would dress up in ways approximating the Doctor of their preference, one girl (who's life really went down the tubes, I regret to say) and the other who was a strange and slightly frightening hunchback. It was cheap, incomprehensibly weird and if you wanted something vaguely resembling a normal social life, you never watched it or admitted to watching it. Lord knows I had enough strikes against me as it was.
But then I made friends with Gavin Campbell while at university, a raging Doctor Who fanatic hell-bent on getting me into the show. Gavin's enthusiasm for the show was infectious and I became mildly curious. The rumours abounded in 2002 that they were going to do a new series starring Robert Carlyle as the Doctor. Carlyle is perhaps best known to North Americans as the lead in The Full Monty, 28 Weeks Later and as the psychotic Francis Begbie in Trainspotting. The rumour was false, but it did get me curious about a new series.
Ultimately, they cast Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor and that really perked my interest. Eccleston is one of my favourite actors, you may have seen in him Shallow Grave, Jude, Heroes, Cracker, (where his character is killed off by Robert Carlyle) and Elizabeth. Ecclestone's involvment in the series really got me interested in checking the new series out. Now Eccleston is gone but David Tennent has been doing a great job, with the 3rd series/season standing as a big improvement over the 2nd. Rose worked well with Eccleston's Doctor, but just never really worked for me with Tennent's.
Interesting science fiction that deserves serious consideration from fans of the genre.


Blogger Betty said...

Welcome to the Whovian dark side! It's not just for geeks any more!

(Of course, it's still for geeks also. *dons 12' scarf and Dalek-themed t-shirt*)

19 July, 2007 17:41  
Blogger Trent said...

"The film and the book are clearly different animals and there would have no way to do Jameses novel as a film. (James'? Which is correct?) "

It's a possessive, so Jamses is right out. The correct question would be "James' (James's? Which is correct?" And the answer would be either. Both. Maybe.

19 July, 2007 18:22  
Anonymous geosomin said...

See? What'd I tells ya?
My university rocks!
And my now home town too...that is one of the things I really like about here-you "do your own thing" and most of the people who are here are here by choice. Makes for happy people. the people who want "big and better" usually bugger off to somewhere else and leave us happy people behind.
It's starting to cost more to live here, but that has to even out eventually...

20 July, 2007 08:38  
Blogger Magnus said...

Betty: Yeeeah... Gavin is showing his kids "City of Death" and bought his son a Doctor action figure with radio controlled K-9 and the werewolf. They didn't have any Daleks or Cybermen in stock.

Trent: Now I am more confused than ever.

Geo: Talking with my Dad yesterday about the UofS. He's sold on it, though is encouraging to try for Translink in order to pay down and save-up - then move.

20 July, 2007 09:07  
Blogger Thoth Harris said...

I think, Magnus, if I was you, I would take your Dad's advice. It is sensible, practical, uses the idea of experience as a pivot to get to where you want to go without pushing you to give up your dreams. After all, you did go other places already, like Montreal, etc. It is good to be patient. And goodness knows, you are about the same age as me, so making very patient decisions is the mature and far-sighted thing to do.

But what do I know? Am I rich after all I've done? Will I be? I don't know.

20 July, 2007 19:10  
Blogger RC said...

sounds like some fun sci-fi in your life...

i imagine the p.d. james novel is quiet a different read.

i completly understand the desire to move from some place w/ a high cost of living to at least something moderate...

it certainly is not worth it as it eats into all your disposable income.

25 July, 2007 10:39  

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