Sunday, March 04, 2007

"Ar Hap" is Welsh for at Random

CD in Play:Pelican, Australasia.

"Sbwriel" is Welsh for Rubbish

Okay, perhaps rubbish is too harsh a word to apply to this situation, but I am not enthralled by what I see. After all, I have only watched two and a half episodes of the BBC's Doctor Who spin-off series, Torchwood, to really have a solid opinion. My problem with Torchwood is the obsession with sex, a result perhaps of having a prudish mother who's chief concern about me growing up was me not having sex and a very un-prudish father whose chief concern was that I actually have it. (or least what he considered to be healthy attitude towards it) As a result of my upbringing I am not comfortable with sex, except in the safer confidences of friends. When it comes to making art, I am decidedly asexual about it. (though I would say my paintings and some poems have a sensual quality)
Russell T. Davies, the shows creator and producer, is a gay male and is obviously concerned with getting his issues and agenda out there. But from what I have seen so far, I think he has done so to the detriment of his show. For me, it just isn't that engaging as a sci-fi series and for other reasons other than sex. I dunno, you can tell me your opinions if you have seen it in the UK or via bit torrent. (or when the series airs here in Canada and down in the U.S.) I would hold to my opinion if all the characters were straight, by the way.
Aside from STD's and teen pregnancies, I just don't see the issues surrounding sex and sexual preferences as ones the deserve as much focus as they get. It is a diversion from other more serious issues such as unemployment, quality of employment, making a a living wage, the environment, water rights, medical care, etc. Those issues would drive people like Pete Chattaway from the show, however.

"Cerddoriaeth" is Welsh for Music

So, it looks as though Red Silo will be a go again this year. The last time I did music with Elijah was two years ago as a band called Meat, though Elijah prefers to spell it as M.E.A.T. I came up with Red Silo, but still prefer Meat. We will be doing an alt-country thing, kind of like Wilco via Radiohead. I might push for a cover of The Flying Burrito Brothers' "Lazy Day". I'd love to do "It Happens Each Day" by The Byrds, but none of us have the vocal chops to carry the harmonies except for Elijah's wife, Miriam. I will probably trade in my Godin six string to haggle for a new bass - which I should bought in the first place. I'd like to get an American made Fender p-bass, ultimately.
After a run through on Friday night, I would really like to record Elijah's song "Life out of range" with Blair Jewers and Merwan Hassan before Blair and family pack up for BC's interior.

There is No Welsh Word for Meme

Current clothes: Jeans, Ché Guevara t-shirt.

Current Mood: Neither here nor there, though slightly annoyed at not having set the VCR to tape BSG.

Current music: Just switching the CD and putting on PJ Harvey's To Bring You My Love.

Current annoyance: Some guy at work who nods at me like he knows me, but I cannot recall ever having met the guy. I thought he might be a scammer of some sort, but it seems that he is a TA or a tutor of some sort.

Current Thing: A lot of writing at home. Have quite a few book ideas at the moment.

Current DVD in the player: Michael Mann's Manhunter. Picked it up for $5.99. Wanted to see it again after seeing Zodiac. Robert Harris' stuff falls into the sensationalist vein, but Mann does a very good job at keeping his movie planted on Terra firma. Also caught a bit of Silence of the Lambs on TCM: I find the film revolting.

Current song in head: "Lazy Day", by The Flying Burrito Brothers.

Current book: Gunpowder by Jack Kelly. A history of gunpowder. Interesting and engaging, though one has to wonder if Kelly doesn't grant gunpowder a bit too much credit in shaping European history. I am amused by the names the Chinese had for their powder based weaponry:
Dropping from Heaven Bomb
Heaven-Shaking Thunder Cash Bomb
Match for Ten Thousand Enemies Bomb
Bandit-Burning and Vision-Confusing Magic Fire-Ball
Bone-Burning and Bruising Fire Oil Magic Bomb
Bandit-Striking Penetrating Lance
Nine-Arrow Heart-Piercing Magic-Poison Thunderous Fire Erupter
Long-Range Awe-Inspiring Cannon

Current Culinary Obsession: Garlic. The landlady is away so the garlic can come out to play. She claims she is allergic to the smell.

Current refreshment: Cafferey's, but having learned that the Irish Caffrey's is now owned by Coors I think I should have bought Boddingtons or Kilkenny instead. Cwrw is the Welsh word for beer. (pronounced something like KURroo with a slight trilling of the r's) There is no Welsh beer for sale in Canada.

Current worry: I have to loose my gut. Suppose the beer was bad idea...

Current thought: The clock really does run too fast and I am working, it seems, only to pass the time until I can take my days off. My days off pass too quickly and the cycle repeats.


Blogger Geosomin said...

YOu missed
What lese can I say but man,
"new sh*t has come to light!"

Thanks for everything.

05 March, 2007 07:34  
Blogger Colette said...

Garlic garlic garlic. I'm with you babe! Tell the landlady that it's for your health (hey doctors orders!)

Check out these facts:" Garlic has been used medicinally for many years for treating bites, tumors, ulcers, snakebite, wounds, headaches, heart diseases, cancer, pimples, measles and many more. It also prevents infections such as the common cold, cough because of its Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal and Anti-viral property.

As this proverb is very common that, "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away".
In the same manner, "A single bulb of garlic a day, keep diseases away".

In general, it exhibits antioxidant activity, which is good for your skin. It also contains flavonoids, which is good for heart and body.

ok and this one is because you mentioned your gut: "If you are very fat and want to loose weight, squeeze half lemon juice in one glass of luke warm water and drink it with two cloves of raw garlic regularly twice a day (morning and evening), for about three months. Avoid using starchy foods and fats. Do exercise regularly. You’ll amazingly fell a great change in your body."

ok so more garlic, and low carb beer? just a suggestion...

06 March, 2007 19:42  
Blogger Betty said...

Torchwood does have some good episodes I think, but it's really uneven. And, um, the sex thing ain't going away...

07 March, 2007 01:20  
Blogger Thoth Harris said...

I like garlic too, but not in a salami kind of fashion. Yuck! Well, I'm vegetarian, so what can I say? I haven't seen the new Who series. I'm stuck in a time lag for some of that stuff. Maybe next year they'll start showing that stuff on AXN, although I have my doubts, since AXN is a lot like CTV Globemedia in Canada; they just show the highest rated shows. Sure, I enjoy CSI sometimes, but all the time? the New York one, the Miami, and the Las Vegas one with repeats (3 times) everyday. I don't think I'm exaggerating much, if at all. But the movie channels are fun. As is the National Geographic and the Travel Living channel.

I notice you haven't visited my blog in something like one or two weeks. I have tonnes of new posts. People should check out the news links I have, more, too, because well, if you want to find out more about the Taiwanese political situation, etc. that I talk about, then you need to read the article.

Have you tried the new Picasa? It's really good. The only problem is with the image size when I post them to my blog. I might just find a way to alter the template...maybe that would help. I don't know.

I know what you mean about the annoyance of having someone vaguely un/familiar nodding at you, and the unpleasant feeling it sometimes gives!

07 March, 2007 03:59  
Blogger Magnus said...

Thoth: I visited your blog this week end and this week. I don't have my own internet connection.

Betty: I know the sex thing ain't going away. Sex sells and sort of topples all other considerations. Sex often gets in the way of good storytelling - that is my beef. Christians who are only interested in making Bible tracts for films will never will never make good films - their agenda gets in the way. Lisa Simpson episodes suck becuase they are all about the agenda. Torchwood runs the same risks. Mu opinions of course.

07 March, 2007 09:10  
Blogger afrobev said...

I think you're right about the Torchwood thing. The whole sex issue is a distraction and I think Russell T.Davies does seem to have his own agenda, especially as it's common knowledge that John Barrowman (aka Captain Jack) is also gay.

Some episodes have been nothing short of brilliant while others can only be described as inconsistent. It is supposed to be more adult based than Doctor Who but I think they should concentrate more on storyline and character development than people having it off for a third of an episode.

My missus thinks it's the best thing on TV though.

11 March, 2007 03:22  
Blogger Magnus said...

One thing I will give Torchwood is that it is NOT based in or around London. Nice to see other areas of the UK utilised. Scotland gets the Rebus series, you have Who (standing in for London and elsewhere) and Torchwood - so what does the Isle of Man get?

11 March, 2007 17:29  

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