Monday, February 19, 2007

The Shining Path...

CD in Play: Wilco, Being There

... Now With Even Less Internet Access!

Work has cut off the Internet due to flagrant abuses by contract staff. My usage was apparently not a problem, it was the people who spent most of their shift on Messenger or on game sites. *sigh* So blogging will be carried out when possible. I can still use the computers in the Library after my shift, however.

Ze Weekend

So my friends Geosomin and Jay were in town this weekend from Saskatoon. They were unbelievably happy with the warmth and general lack of snow - tickled that going outside didn't carry the risk of freezing to death within 2 minutes. It was a great weekend of good food, good drink and exceptional company.
One of the places we hit was Salt - - where the three of us had a great gastronomic experience. Jay learned that brie cheese and honey go well together. Geo learned that apple and ash-ripened Camembert are a thing of beauty when combined. and I learned that wine-soaked figs and P'tit Basque (mild French cheese) are exquisite when combined.
I am sorry they are gone and the Internet is hardly a substitute.


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