Thursday, December 14, 2006

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Geosomin has tagged me for a quiz thingy. Personally, I think you should tell me six weird things about myself, but...

Six Weird Things About Me:
Pacian inspired, geek powered...

1. I count in reverse. when estimating numbers I always state the highest number first and go low. 10 to 8, 25 maybe 20. "How old was she?" - "45, 44, maybe 41". Boggles my parents to no end.

2. I frequently dream "real days" that never happened but feel like they did. I once dreamed an entire week had went by. My finals all went off well, a woman I liked told me she wanted to be with me, I had some great prospects waiting, Hypernode was going to record a proper album and play shows. I woke up drove to what I had imagined would be my last final exam and then found it was the Sunday before the week I had just dreamed. The real week was not so kind.

3. Like Geosomin, I too sometimes have to check my identification so I can recall my name. Happened at the bank once - fun. This started before the use of a pseudonym, by the way.

4. I correct my Dad and certain friends on points of grammar and diction all the time. Around Elijah Bak and Peter Chattaway, the process is reversed and I become as ill-spoken as my Father can be.

5. I am one of those people who likes reading the last chapter just after reading the first chapter. It gets me interested in reading how the book comes to its ultimate conclusion.

6. I frequently pretend to be from Scotland or Ireland. I have even fooled people from Scotland with my accent. My accent can sound so strong as to be incomprehensible to non-Scots. Right now my accent is waffling between Glaswegian and Aberdonian, and my Irish is a bit weak and sounding more like a Robert Shaw impersonation.


Blogger Geosomin said...

A few wierd things about you (according to moi):
-you have an uncanny ability to put your finger up my nose with no warning at all
-You voice when talking loudly has been observed to set off a car alarm
-you purpously seek out bourbon and consume it
-You like fermented bean curd
-You can say "derby" in a way that makes milk come out of my nose (OK so maybe that's a wierd thing about me...)
....I'm seeking a 6th. Anyone else???

17 December, 2006 15:37  
Blogger Magnus said...

-Your voice when talking loudly has been observed to set off a car alarm.

Funny thing is, that so many people tell me to speak up. The common complaint these days is that I speak too quietly. I don't remember the car alarm incident.

- Bourbon. Seriously, try Woodford Reserve - decent Bourbon. There are other distilleries that aren't availible here and I hold out hope for their product. Bourbon is more than Wild Turkey and Jim Beam. Jack Daniels is not Bourbon, btw.

- Natto is fermented soybeans. It is an aquired taste. Millions of Japanese people love it - why don't you?

- As for the finger and "derby", guilty as charged. I was surprised that "derby" actually worked after all this time at Chuckaway's wedding. Thank you Bullwinkle J. Moose.

19 December, 2006 21:17  

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