Thursday, December 14, 2006


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A Moment of Silence...

... For the passing of the Chinese River Dolphin, the first large mammal to become extinct in decades. This sort of thing was expected as a result of China's Three Gorges Dam project, not even fully operation yet. If you fail to see why this is a big deal, then either start doing some reading on elementary ecology or just do us all a favour and top yourself now.

Surprise! The Canadian Government Screws The Nation All Over Again!

Read the story at the Ceeb.

For a Prime Minister who says he's devoted to Canada, Stephen Harper has had some difficulty proving it. Ottawa has decided it will not back a sophisticated Canadian made robotic rover for the ESA (European Space Agency) that could have been used for the planned 2015 Mars exploration. The kicker is that the Canadian space industries aren't asking for more money, just a reallocation of funds making the ESA rover a priority project.
The USA is apparently also interested in Canada pursuing its space robotics programme as Canada is further ahead in that field. The Conservatives say they don't wish to commit to the project as they are unsure of where Canada's future in space lies. This hesitation could jeopardize Canada's space industries as a whole. Similarities are being drawn between the current Conservative Government's apparent lack of enthusiam to Diefenbaker's Conservatives in the 1950's, how they axed the Avro Arrow programme and the subsequent "brain drain" as Canadian project managers, aerospace engineers and technicians left the country to go work for NASA.
Yet another brain drain in yet another industry - wouldn't that do Canada a world of good? Time for Harper to show his commitment to Canadian industies other than the ones that benefit his home province, i.e. the Oil and Gas Industry.


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