Tuesday, December 19, 2006

dydd Mawrth

CDs in Play: Super Furry Animals, Rings Around the World. JAMC, The Sound of Speed.

By a Wales Tale

Been doing some cultural background for a character I am working on. Decided to make him an combo of Finnish Irish and Welsh. I like the sound of those languages and find their histories to be interesting. I am neither Finnish nor exactly Welsh. My maternal Grandmother, Molly Crowe (nee. Corcoran), was born in a place called Unys Uchaf in Ystadgynlais, etc Wales to an Irish-Catholic family who I am guessing lived in a sort of Irish-R.C. ghetto in Dowlais. (near Merthyr Tydfyl if you look it up on a map)
Some interesting resources came up for Wales and the Welsh language. Often maligned by the English, the BBC seems to be making it up to Wales with an interesting website about the Welsh language and living in Wales. These are links to two recorded bits of people telling storries in Welsh. I wasn't able to find something similar for Finnish at this time.

- A woman speaks about a pet that only understands Welsh.
- A man speaks about the origins of Hereford castle.

"That Guy" No Longer

Just saw Casino Royale on sunday night. I am tempted to say the best Bond film ever, but that would be doing Sean Connery's efforts a disservice. when I spoke to Pete Chattaway about it I stated that I would probably say it was the best bond film since Thunderball. As a Bond buff, Pete pointed out that before Casino Royale the last film to follow Flemming's stories closely was, in fact, Thunderball.
No cheap gimmickery, no toys, nothing tasteless or overblown: Royale is stripped down and focused. In fact, the only real toys he has (aside froma gun) are for emergency first aid. Daniel Craig was an excellent choice for Bond. Pierce Brosnan didn't seem to know what to do with Bond. I am not that this was a limitation on Brosnan's abilities so much as poor scripts and a loss of ideas and direction. They had turned Bond from a spy to an action hero commando. But by "rebooting" the series they have freed themselves up considerably to do things differently and get a post-Cold War Bond right.
Up until Munich, Daniel Craig was "Oh... that guy..." to "Yeah, him. Craig something or other.. you know, he was in...". I am still surprised when I see him something that I haven't seen in a while and recognise him now as a name. (like Elizabeth or Sharpe's Eagle starring Bond alumnus Sean Bean) An solid actor who I do not think will be hampered by a series stigma in the least.


Blogger Trent said...

I was desperately waiting for CR to show up here.

And then, while I was looking the other way, it showed up, and I missed it, because they only had one showing a night and I noticed it the last night it was showing, an hour after it started....


From this end of things, Beta Blogger is a bit of a pain, too. Keeps not accepting the first time I enter, then it takes a few minutes to get back into gear; for the last few minutes, the word verification was a broken link.

I really wish you could white-list people. I would get my own blogger account, just so I wouldn't have to go through the hassle of word verification.

19 December, 2006 17:39  
Blogger Magnus said...

Well, up until today I used to have to use word verification myself when posting on my own blog, or Geo's or Betty's or Pete's or Thoth's, etc. And, yes, I was logged in. I often had to verify twice and I had typed it in correctly the first time.
Start an account, go for it.

19 December, 2006 18:46  

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