Sunday, June 11, 2006

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Serenity Now!

Hello, to the faithful few checking out my blog for stuff. Will have more up I promise, just been busy looking for a new place to live and working. Have a piece on the need for political reform in Canada - including Stephen Harper's lot - and a piece on this guy from the states named Tim LaHaye.
Work's been stressfull this week still - in large part to a meth-head who's been causing problems on site. Like most meth-heads he's a small epi-centre of chaos from which bad things erupt. Aside from trying to sell his stolen wares and doing drugs in the washrooms and staircases, he has repeatedly insulted and threatened guards and has now taken a swing at my Assistant Supervisor. (note to idiots - if you swing at the A/S you'd better hit like George Foreman or Joe Louis, `cause he is a tough SOB) There are other allegations, including threats to blow up the mall next door while he was tweaking out in the parking lot.
Sadly, this guy had apparently been a good student in school. But now he's beginning to get the lessions on his face from meth use. Like all these people I hope he is able to be reached at some point and maybe get his act together. Anyhow, he's an asshole now and a real problem for all of us on the job.


Anyone name the Seinfeld episode that's taken from? I am looking for a place. Vancouver is so horrifically expensive I have to look at shared accomodations. Some of these people are nuts. Had a guy in North Van going on about how his roommates are forbidden from using the living room - it is all his - and how we must never use any shelving space other than the one we were designated. Great location, beautiful place, crazy, neurotic idiot who owns it.
Talked to a woman downtown with a place in Bute Street (Peter Chattaway's old neighbourhood before his marriage) and am hoping to hear from her today sometime about whether or not I have the place. Big place, old, great location.


Blogger Geosomin said...

" Great location, beautiful place, crazy, neurotic idiot who owns it."

I had a roommate like me. It's better you distract him with somethingshiny and run away quickly. Hope the other place works out...

12 June, 2006 14:31  
Blogger Thoth Harris said...

Why are you suddenly moving away from Gavin et al's place? I thought you were going to be there for a while?

Sorry for my long period of inactivity!

13 June, 2006 15:47  
Blogger Magnus said...

Nope, just until the end of June and then it was off to my own place. It was a temporary arangement. He and Maria have kids and lives of their own. They are also looking to move to Maple Ridge by August.

13 June, 2006 16:19  

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