Saturday, June 03, 2006

Out of My Head (F&LinSB Chapter 4)

CD in Play: Tin Machine, Tin Machine II

Many people on the street have mental problems. One young woman on site today clearly had a cognitive disorder comparable to one a friend's little brother suffers from. I am patient with her because she clearly just doesn't register things the same way you or I do. (unless you have a cognative disorder as well. There is someone with whom I have lost all patience.
There is a scrounger/theif of opportunity/general annoyance (who persists in coming onsite despiet repeated bannings. I call him "The Rabbit". He must have a rabbit's foot jammed up his nether regions because I have only been able to catch him once. Something usually tips him off to my presence or something obstructs me from getting to him fast enough. I learned he had been caught in an explosion at one time suffering some brain damage, which placed him on permanent disability.
He seems off, but mainly he is just off-putting. Dirty and extremely cowardly, he panics so much about getting beaten up that it makes me want to oblige him. However, I would rather just make his world a little more surreal and make him paranoid about what he might see and/or encounter when he comes on site.
I was very tired today and was hoping to catch him today. The idea came to me that I should watch for him from the parkade and race to meet him on the ground level. I would pop out from one of the stairwells in a rooster suit saying "Cock-a-doodle-doo! I'm coming for you!" I would then proceed to chace him off site while making ecstatic clucking sounds.
Peter Chattaway's little brother thinks my brain may have partially fused hemisphere's. Perhaps he is right?


Blogger Tatty Tiara said...

I used to work in a costume rental shop. It was huge - a labyrinth of overstuffed racks. It was also located in an area of downtown where people that needed to be cared for but weren't often found some refuge. We had a lot of interesting visitors, but I think my favourite was the elderly woman who practically ran down the aisles and talked to the mannequins. Unforunately she was passing one when a co-worker was working with it once. The co-worker sneezed and the mannequin slipped a little from her grip, causing it to abruptly bolt towards the passing woman as she let loose with an "Ach-choo!"

We never saw that woman again.

03 June, 2006 23:57  
Anonymous Backtothefront said...

Hey mang, congrats on your First Aid. I am suprised that you would link to Buger King webpage, however. I thougt you were all anti-fast food?

04 June, 2006 10:53  
Blogger Geosomin said... the rooster thing. Please!
Not only is the thought of you in a rooster suit enough to keep me grinning all morning, but that would be so surreal for the guy it's hard to know just how he'd take it and absolutely fascinating to watch his response.

That mannequin story is priceless.

Strange how most of the time people are harmless, even the odd ones. We had customers in the coffee shop I worked in in school who were rather guy always bought coffee for his invisible friend and had a conversation with him for about an hour each time. Then there was the guy with a bag full of balls...he'd take them out andp ut them back into the bag and drink his coffee until he was done and then be on his way. Both the men were absolutley sweet and kind and never bothered anyone. We always wondered if they had someone to look after them...they seemed very "normal" so I would think so. Makes you wonder how many people on the street who would be better off if they just had someone to keep an eye one them or remind them to take their medications.

05 June, 2006 11:29  
Blogger jim said...

haha, tatty, that is a great story, i can see it

they, meaning the compassionate conservatives, let all the poor loonys, like us, lol, out of the govt funded institutions, and left it up to the good-hearted public to care for us, now, the mayor of dallas texas, she is screaming for us to go away, get off the streets, die, like we can.....

fused lobes?, it is okay tho, you seem to strangely enough make sense, strange as it is.

thanks for the visit, i'll get more reading on your site soon.

05 June, 2006 23:40  

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