Saturday, May 13, 2006

Embrace the Nerd Within

CDs in Play: The Police, Zenyatta Mondatta.

If you aren't from the UK and have to wait to watch the second season of the new Dr. Who then check out the BBC page. Some very cool stuff, including their presentation for the week's episode. I confess that I am actually quite eager to see the Cybermen episode. The Shockwave presentation for the Cybermen episode is good, make sure to click on the round dial on the cyberman's chest.

They still look kind of like Iron Man, though.


Anonymous Amanda said...

You can download Dr. Who online if you have Bit Torrent. I have really enjoyed this series with Tennant, so far. First epi was weak, but it improved significantly.
British Sci-Fi may not have the buget that US tele does but the writing is so much better.
BTW, I thought the Cybermen looked like stunted Iron Giants in a way.

14 May, 2006 14:17  
Blogger Magnus said...

Hmmm, that is an option for down the road. I need to upgrade my own computer before too long.
I think Who's budget has improved significantly - it isn't as cheap as it used to be. Still I know people who are hung up and the whole effects thing. Too bad because the stories with Eccleston were excellent.
I can see where you get the Iron Giant comparison, thought IG came after both Dr. Who and Iron Man.

15 May, 2006 23:37  

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