Monday, March 13, 2006

The Horrible Earnest Megapode

Lazy blogging titles are old hat. Without searching for it online, can anyone tell me where I took the title for this post from? Hint: it was considered as a title for a television series.

Interesting fact: Most people remember the Seasame Street/Muppet Show song "Muh Na Muh Na", but what most of us probably didn't know is that the song was originally written in 1968 for a softcore documentary about sexual activity in Sweden entitled, Sweden, Hell and Heaven. The song underscored a scene of lesbian BDSM. "Do do dee dodo" indeed.

Album in Play: Tricky, Nearly God. I still love this disc. Aside from Björk's appearnces on the album, I am in love with Martina Toppley-Bird's voice. I've written about this album before so I won't carry on about it.

Current Activities: Aside from gearing up to work again, I have been working on a science fiction story and making notes on a book that I had the idea for way back in 1995. The sci-fi story is working itself out nicely. It had started out as a time travel story. I had extensive notes for it but then discovered that it had some strong similarities, thematically, to the book The Butterfly Effect. I retooled it and have proceeded to work it out. Trying to make two of my antognonists work logically. Gavin thinks I should start it out as a short story. He's probably right, but I've never been a big fan of the short story.
The other book is one I had mentioned in my earliest posts. I've been wanting to write the story of a Vancouver band that went nowhere - 32toBase. (AkA Cheesepickles) It's a way of looking at the Vancouver scene from the early 90's and to look at the naïveté of many people (like myself) who dream(ed) of making a career/life out of music. The distance is there and I think some of the sensitive areas have become, well... less sensitive.

The Cult of Lionel: Lionel Dupperon is someone I went to school with in Saskatchewan in the late 80's early 90's. (and whose personna would be a part of the aforementioned music book)He's a drummer and back in the day he had quite a following. Also known as "Neil" (a reference to Rush's drummer, Neil Peart) and "The Apostle to the High School Girls", (a big part of his fan base) Lionel was respected by everyone for his abilities to hit the skins. People would call out for drum solos and cowbell solos, (a joke of sorts, he had a huge assortment of percussion instruments) or they would call to hear Neil Peart's solo "YYZ". (which inspired Lionel to develop his own solo called "The Wanderer") Suffice it to say, when Lionel played, people became fanatical and boisterous.
I just saw Lionel's newest band, Eklektasy, play at the Pic Pub as part of the Emergenza Festival. The band ends their set and people - a whole different group of people with whom we did not go to school with - get fanatical and boisterous, calling out the exact same things we used to call out whenever Lionel played back in the day. The Cult of Lionel lives on.

In Addendum, Last night was also the first time in a while that I hit a show with my old BBC pal Greg Fast. (key member of 32toBase) Another BBCer, Doug Dunbar, was there as well so it was kind of feeling like old home night. It was a good evening, we just needed Ken, Trent and Larry to be there and for Lionel to be playing in any time signature other than 4/4. See the link to Doug's blog off to the right side.
Addendum to the Previous Addendum: Eklektasy (official website link here) is in the semi-finals and will be playing at Richards on Richards on the 8th of April at 6:30pm. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. Drop me a line at this post if you ant to know how to get an advance ticket.


Blogger Peter T Chattaway said...

Fascinating about the Cult of Lionel. Hadn't thought or heard anything about him in ages -- but I see that, if you Google his name, you get a number of sites where people talk about studying drums under him. If he's got a cult, he's definitely playing the part of guru, there.

True fact: I can't think of his name without hearing Trent pronounce it over the phone (a la "Magnus didn't tell me that LI-O-NEL was in town").

13 March, 2006 02:44  
Blogger Geosomin said...

"Gavin thinks I should start it out as a short story."

Heh heh...I just get this image of my cat Gavin with a pair of spec on holding a red pen reading over a manuscript...
I remember The Lionel. He was very good...

13 March, 2006 08:09  
Anonymous your host, el moi said...

True fact: I can't think of his name without hearing Trent pronounce it over the phone (a la "Magnus didn't tell me that LI-O-NEL was in town").

True fact #2: LI-O-NEL has been in town for at least a decade now. He's living in Langley has kids, etc. Or was this a reference to something earlier?

At the show someone not from BBC called out "cowbell solo" - something I used to call out as well. Very odd coicidence. I called out "Neil", which is what we all used to call out when we either wanted to hear him play "YYZ" or just to give him a friendly ribbing.
He's a good egg our LI-O-NEL. So anyone even want to hazard a guess about the origins of latest posting?

13 March, 2006 11:42  
Anonymous Ella said...

Dude, that's crazy! I'll never hear that song again without picturing lesbians in bondage! Thanks for giving me the link to your blog, see you around.

PS - BBC, like as in BBC Worldwide, Radio One?

14 March, 2006 19:10  
Blogger Magnus said...

BBC. My "dark" secret. It's a long story but I ended up at a Bible College in the late eighties and early nineties. The first B stands for Briercrest.
It was an interesting two years of them trying to shove me into a mold and me fighting to stay out of it. I think I came out a better person for it. It helped me to figure out who I am, what kind of person I was becoming. I also met some of my best friends there. Pete Chattaway, I met on the way back from a youth rally held there. Trent, a constant poster on this blog is a friend I made there. Geosomin (real name not included) is a friend from there as is Doug. (blogger id - djd1138)Two other friends I remain in regular contact with are Ken and Greg. (both of whom were in 32toBase)
The BBC thing tends freak people out so I usually don't mention it off the bat.

14 March, 2006 23:59  
Blogger DJD1138 said...

Lionel had a difficult time believing that the call for a cow bell solo did not come from our table. It took a few times and some clear communication that the calls came from the back of the room.

15 March, 2006 20:47  
Blogger Magnus said...

Which one of us originated the cowbell solo call?

16 March, 2006 00:07  
Blogger Magnus said...

The title, since no one has hazarded a guess, was one of the titles being considered by the Pythons before the settled on Monty Python's Flying Circus.

18 March, 2006 01:41  

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