Thursday, March 09, 2006

Random Thingness

CD's in Play: Midnight Oil, Red Sails at Sunset. The Tragically Hip, Fully Completely.

Article of Interest

I was reading through Jeff Overstreet's blog and came across a link to one of Roger Ebert's articles. To me the article highlights the increasing "Us vs Them" outlook being adapted by so many people. The popular sentiment among educated and uneducated people alike seems to be, "Anyone who disagrees with me is wrong. They are wrong morally, spiritually, utterly, completely - and they are my enemy."
I am tired of this. In the case of Ebert's article, people are screaming at the Academy because their favourite film (Brokeback Mountain) lost to a film that almost no one would seem to have seen. (Crash, and not the Cronenberg film) Brokeback Mountain lost because Hollywood hates homosexuals? Riiiiight. I haven't seen either film so I could not venture an opinion on the artistic merits of either film. People like that are no different, to my mind, than extremist religious nuts like "Dr." Ted Baehr - the man who runs the Christian publication, Movieguide. (See Pete and Jeff's blogs for Baehr's particular brand of idiocy)
As stated before, I am tired of this. Can't we just get along? Why can't webe friends? and so on.

Boot to the Head

I love I did a search on the old CBC troupe The Frantics. There wasn't much about the CBC that I liked during the eighties, but The Frantics were an exception. I found an MP3 to the "Tae Kwon Leep" sketch (see text version here) which is followed up by the song "Boot to the Head". Not a big fan of the song but I still like the sketch. I should say, I still prefer the studio version to the live version which I linked to here.
Other characters I remember were Mr. Canoehead, Kung-Fu Nun, Mu Mu Bunny Lips and Larry the Intergalactic Warlord. Not sure how the rest of their material would hold up today, but "Tae Kwon Leep" still does for me.

Knee to the Tricep

I have been doing the Basic Security Training course, as mandated by B.C. law. Yes, I am going back into security since it is the only field I have the credentials for that offers a modicum of stability. They will also provide me with training for Occupational First Aid 1&2 and WHMIS, which should open some doors for me down the road.
Part of BST is hitting the mats and doing some self-defense training. I have done stuff like this before, but this time I learned some new and paricularly excruciatingly painful techniques. How do I know? I was demo boy for some of them. One take down has me flat on my stomach, chest and face while they hold my arms out and stick a knee to my tricep. Painful, but even more painful is when the restrainer starts to grind the knee against the muscle and the bone. So it was applied pain and lever and joint manipulation all day. I hurt.
However, I want more. Not that I crave pain, but the workout was good. I need to get back into shape as I have been out of it for far too long. The Renfrew Community Centre has a Judo Club that offers first rate instruction for only $20 a month. Judo is sport version of Jujutsu, which is the art that the samurai had to learn to use if he was unarmed. I may take Jujutsu down the road, since Judo should give me a good base to start from.


Blogger DJD1138 said...

Get in shape? Just remember--Round is a shape.

12 March, 2006 19:03  
Anonymous Magnus said...

If you read this before leaving, you're a dead man at Lionel's show. Watch your back Duck >:D

12 March, 2006 19:39  
Blogger Geosomin said...

he heh..round. (I'm too far away for a beating!)
Seriously tho - kewl...I've always been fascinated my judo. I'm starting a Tai Chi class in the spring...I'm about as clumsy as they get, so I figure if I can master a few precise movements and not flail like an idiot I might consider moving on to something like Judo.
I remember the Frantics. They had a late night reunion special on the Comedy network about amonth back. THey're still great...they did a reprise of the boot to the head sketch and Mr Interesting and Mr Canoehead showed up a few times, along with new sketches. I have it on VHS somewhere if ya want a dub of it.
GOtta go. I actually have work to do. It's odd...we've been on hold for so long with moving and renovating it's almost hard to get back into it.
Here's hoping I don't blow up the place! Cao.

13 March, 2006 08:15  
Anonymous Trent said...

"I am tired of this. Can't we just get along? Why can't webe friends? and so on."

Man, if I didn't know any better, I'da thunk I posted this here as a joke.

Seriously, who are you, and what have you done with you?

13 March, 2006 20:17  

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