Friday, February 24, 2006


CD in Play: Isis, Panoptic

Isis will be here on the 1st of April at Richards on Richards. It will $13.00 for advance tickets and is an early show, ending at 10pm whereby all the show patrons will be shoved out of the club as fast as can be so the dance club patrons - who like to buy a lot of booze while sleazing up to one another - can get in. The only other shows they have slated for Canada will be in Montreal and Toronto, so my friends elsewhere in the country get the shaft as usual.
As I pointed out to one friend, you can hear some samples (and a few complete tracks) at their website, just click the band name on CD in Play. About the dance patrons comment above. Once, while waiting outside Richard's before a show, I was talking to the club doormen. Dance patrons may spend more on drinks, but they prefer the show patrons - less prone to violence than the dance patrons.


Blogger Thoth Harris said...

hey Magnus,
ay ayayayay! Shows us all how much out of the loop I am. I feel like one of these old stodgers who only listens to the Beatles and thinks that music stops there. Not seriously, of course, but I have not the singlest inkling who this band is you mention. I just know the stuff from 2kool4radio (which I think comes out of Vancouver). I was never much for going to live shows in Montreal, since I am rather prone to claustrophobia, panic attacks and misanthropy towards mobs.

25 February, 2006 02:07  

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