Monday, February 27, 2006

In Memorium

Funny how a thing can stick with you. It is the 22nd aniversary of my step-dad's death. I forget birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, even the dates of death of my Grandparents - but not this. George Gibney died on the morning of 27 February, 1984. He had Hodgkin's Disease, but treatments for that variety of cancer were not as reliable as they are now. It was a slow death. Anyhow, it is something I remember. Usually I try to book the day off if possible, but I start training for a new job tomorrow, so that is impossible this year. I have rum at home so I will pick up a tin of coke after work, mix and toast a drink to him. (rum and coke was his favourite)
He was a good man and miss him very much. He would have been 71 this year.