Monday, September 07, 2009

This Is The Face of Ugly

The pink toy, not the cute little girl. I am in Vancouver and decided to get toys for my friends children. I always felt bad because I had never got them anything before so I decided to make it up to them. I decided to get them Ugly Dolls. The ones I bought are entitled "Uppy" (see above), "Ox" and "Turny Burny". ( both sort of pictured) I like them, the parents like them and the kids (for the most part) seem to love them.


Blogger MaCanuck said...

Hey. I recognize that shirt...and I haven't seen it for about two years. Does he ever change his clothes?

07 September, 2009 22:27  
Blogger Geosomin said...

I love that they love them...:)

09 September, 2009 12:55  

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