Monday, August 17, 2009


Wha'dayou Want?! >:(

Bleah, aside from Sunday (hanging out with Geo and J) this has been a terrible weekend. And I do not refer to the fact that it rained almost constantly for two days - I'm from British Columbia after all - it has just been dull and people have been in bad moods. I have today, Monday, off and it is stunning outside. Saskatoon is usually quite beautiful and it is even more so after the weekend wash down. The air is clear, the thing layer of dust is gone - stunning. What isn't so stunning are people's attitudes.
Saskatoon, a very friendly city overall, has the least friendly City Hall I have ever been to. Honestly, they are the crabbiest most inhospitable public servants I have had the mispleasure of dealing with. Generally, though, the attitude of City Hall's ill-mannered employees are not relfected in the population at large. But today people are kind of ill-tempered all over. I have been scowled at, yelled at and abruptly dissmissed most of the day so far. ( was out the door at 8 am, btw)

Free Chicken! Woo Hoo?

I went shopping today and ended up with free chicken. How you ask? The cashier never charged me. I wasn't aware until I got home and was setting my receipt aside - "10.98? That's not right." I wasn't paying attention at the till (too distracted by ill-mannered Saskatonians) and could just as easily have been over-charged. So what to do? I am not going back up to the Safeway today and, as it happens, I am lowish on funds so this comes as a sort of blessing. I was thinking about going up on Friday and letting them know and paying then - but does this get the cashier in any trouble? I was aslo thinking of just taking the sticker up next time I shop, explain it to the cashier and have her scan it and pay for it then. I know, why look free chicken in the mouth? I just feel like a theif.

18 Days Later

No, it isn't a bio-engineered zombie like apocolypse, it is how many days left before I fly back to Vancouver to visit.


Blogger Geosomin said...

Take the chicken as life apolgiseing to you for the crumpy people that day.

And yes our city hall is full of asshats. Indeed.

18 August, 2009 09:41  
Blogger Geosomin said...

crumpy = cranky + grumpy.

Definitely not a typo. Nosirree...

18 August, 2009 09:42  

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