Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Most Boring News Conference Ever

I watch CBC Newsworld before going to work. It frequently offers me something informative to mull over while I am working in the lab and ignoring the frequently inane and periodically whiny conversations that take place all around me. (this is not a problem when I am working in the morgue, I am happy to report) Today, however, they spent a great deal of time speculating about the court ruling in favour of the NHL and preventing the Phoenix Coyotes from moving to Hamilton, Ontario. They devouted at least 10-15 minutes to the press conference about how they are not going to give up trying to move the team to Hamilton.
This is news? Okay, it is - but is it worth 10-15 minutes of prime news time? There was nothing else they could have devouted more time to? No other pressing issue facing the nation that could not have received some coverage in that time? Nothing going on in the world that couldn't have been covered in greater depth? Sure there is, but it is either old hat or too hot to touch. Hell, I can even think of a spin-off report that the Ceeb could have done in connection with this Phoenix Coyotes story. They could have looked at anti-trust laws and how lethargically they are applied. They could have looked at monopolies in North America and how they are strangling smaller businesses and offering people less choice in the market place.


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