Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Firefox, How I Miss Thee

I am back in Vancouver visiting and have to use my Dad's computer. I have many complaints about what my Dad does with his computers. He loads them and clogs them up with too many redundant or useless programs (many of which are nigh impossible to remove) and superfluous secuity features. However, my biggest bone to pick with my Father's computer is that he is still using Internet Exploder... um, Explorer.
I hate Explorer, especially the version he is using. I love Firefox. It blocks banner ads - I cannot believe how much advertising it blocks for me. Firfox runs smoother and looks better. Explorer just down right sucks.


Anonymous Trent said...

Preach it, bro.

09 September, 2009 23:26  
Blogger Magnus said...

Turns out he has Google Chrome as well. But I reiterate: Internet Explorer sucks - I want my Firefox!

10 September, 2009 02:09  

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