Monday, September 08, 2008

Life and Limbs

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So today was the first day at my new job. I have an official and unofficial title. The title that best describes what I do is not one the Health Region uses - Autopsy Technician. Officially, I have am designated as an Histopathology Attendant. My semi-unofficial title is "Diener". (see "Dead End" Jobs, A Slight Return for more on that) I am not quite sure what my confidentiality agreement keeps me from disclosing at this point - I have yet to sign it - so I am not going into specifics. In fact, do not expect me to go into specifics at all about my work.

Much of my job is leg work, no pun intended. I am responsible picking up specimens and supplies for Histopathology and supplies for a couple of the other labs as well. There is a lot of stocking and restocking of a whole assorment of supplies and samples going on. I am also responsible for the disposal of biohazardous waste materials and dangerous chemicals. In fact, there is one chemical that could kill me if I inhale it even in its diluted form. I assist in maintaining the archive of slides and prepping samples as required. And yes, there are the autopsies.

Today was an easy start, I only had to view amputated limbs and witness the disposal procedures. Frankly, it wasn't as gory as you might imagine but seeing the limbs is an incentive to not get diabetes. Same with the fatty heart. Fortunately, the regional hospitals all have gyms at an astoundingly fair membership fee. I may or may not view a full autopsy on Thursday and the guy I have been training under will call me if he gets a brain removal on the weekend so I can see how it is done.

But I have to say that I am quite impressed with the people I have to work with so far. The Head Tech is great and the Lab Manager is a great person. The Autopsy Tech who is training me is very relaxed and good to work with and only one Histopathology Tech is needling me for being a greenhorn. Impressions after my first day? I feel lucky to have landed my job.


Blogger diana said...

very, very interesting, byrun! can't wait to hear more!

08 September, 2008 19:04  

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