Saturday, August 23, 2008


CD in Play: House of Low Culture (Isis), Holy Tears

I am supposed to be working the We Are Many Festival, but I am reeeaaalllly sick. It was unseasonably cold yesterday, the high was 14°C. Usually an optimum temprature for me, except when I am sick and unable to sleep. WAM was at Diefenbaker Park and I had planned to attend the festival, which is trying to encourage local residents to plan for and build a greener city than we have now. However, my company handles all the events in town, so it was inevitable that I would be called into work. I was supposed to work 12 hours yesterday, but they let me go since I was looking rough and not that many people came out for the first day. That sun only came out two hours before sunset didn't help the temperature any.
I really wanted to check out the Weakerthans tonight - first show I've worked with any musical acts I was interested in checking out and I am unable to be there. However, despite the small crowd, Saskatoon's own Maybe Smith put on a solid show. Anyhow, I am ill and about to pass out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Com'on, suck it up.

24 August, 2008 23:26  
Blogger Magnus said...

If you mean hot honey and lemon - I am.

24 August, 2008 23:33  

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