Monday, September 01, 2008

Dear Lord, Make it Stop.

CD in Play: Assertion, Powerless

I finally moved out of Geo and J's yesterday. It was pretty easy, but I definitely need to work on the ole' cardiovascular. It wasn't the furniture that did me in - it was the boxes of books. I even repackaged them into smaller boxes. Ces't la vie. Geo figured I did okay, all things considered and they were panting as well and are in pretty respectable shape themselves.
So, am I typing from my new digs just north of the Saskatoon city centre? (such as it is) Uh... no. See, any place I have lived in has either included the heat, water and electrical or someone else was responsible for dealing with the bills. I asked the manager - a good guy I have to say - if Hydro was included. Most people in BC, that I know, use the term hydro as an all inclusive term for utilities. If it isn't all inclusive it is usually clarified when asking the question, "Is Hydro included?" See BC gets its power from BC Hydro, just Ontario had Ontario Hydro (now Hydro One I seem to recall) or Hydro-Quebec in, well, Quebec. 
In Saskatoon, either the City looks after your power or SaskPower does depending on where you live. My assumption now means I have no power until Wednesday, I hope. So, I am staying with Geo's big brother, her sister-in-law and their Japanese exchange student for a couple of nights. However, I am also now feeling like I have been smacked down by an overly well-developed sumo wrestler. I was feverish earlier today and had to lie down under heavy covers, shivering and trying to get warm. I felt either feverish or mildly poisoned. But I am not alone. Geo was feeling wiped too so I figured it was the move. The people I am staying with didn't help with the move and Geo's sister-in-law and her exchange student are both feeling similar effects. Ugh.
I am feeling better now, just a bit wiped out. However, I do start my new job as a Diener (or Autopsy Tech) next week. I have my first Printmaking class at the University of Saskatchewan tomorrow night and I am going to try and pull in a few shifts with the Security Company I have been working with for Thursday to Saturday. (I have to go into the university tomorrow)


Blogger Geosomin said...

Eep...sorry you're feeling under the weather a bit. Hope they're treating you right over there.

I really can't thank you enough for the birthday time. I know it must be wierd for you, but you have no idea how much it helped. Yesterday was really good. We spent the day together...and will spend more days together by the looks of it.

I haven't felt this hopeful or happy in weeks.
Thanks. :)

02 September, 2008 09:04  
Blogger Magnus said...

Nae a problem lass.

02 September, 2008 22:09  

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