Thursday, September 04, 2008

I ask again, "Will your vote really make a difference?"

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The threat of election looms over the Canadian landscape yet again. The Nu Conservatives will likely try to paint the stability of their minority as a sign that they are fit to govern with a majority. Of course, the truth of the matter is that every politician has been afraid of voter fatigue and a voter backlash should they have been the ones to trigger an election. But the polls are showing that Little Stevie Harper could finally, truly become King, err... Prime Minister leading a majority in the Parlaiment. Not that I totally trust the polls, but it is a chilling thought.
Harper, as discussed before on this blog, mistrusts the democratic impulse. Former Reform Party leader, Preston Manning, discussed Harper's time in the Reform Party in his book Think Big and the picture he paints isn't flattering. Harper and his band aren't what we need right now. However, I can't say that any of the opposition parties thrill me either. Neither the NDP, the Liberals nor the Greens inspire me to get out the vote. None of their leaders fill me with confidence. None of their platforms make me feel that they are the ones who ought to govern.
What I really want is another minority government. I want all the parties to work together and to share power. Sounds naïve - and if I actually thought it were possible, it would be naïve. It is time for Canadians to ditch party allegiances, however, and agitate for something better, something more accountable.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stephen Harper is gunna rock as Prime Minister! He's gunna make this country everything it should be!

05 September, 2008 10:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope S. Harper rocks himself
right out of 24 Sussex and that
we actually find out if that hand-
some NDP guy can pull it together
like Broadbent did. Now wouldn't
that truly be a miracle!

05 September, 2008 13:47  
Blogger Magnus said...

It would be, I have no confidence in "Mustache McGee" either.

05 September, 2008 18:37  

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