Thursday, May 31, 2007

Geek Food

Geek Food
Originally uploaded by Leo Laporte
This is the photo Trent has a link to just two posts down.


Anonymous trent said...

I should note that the sign, apparently, is for a new podcast from Not out yet, but soon. I didn't know that until I saw a second picture from Leo:


31 May, 2007 17:39  
Blogger Magnus said...

My Mum sent this to me via email"

"Considering your article and an e-mail we recieved about the 'geeks' that started Google ---- they have a cafeteria for employees which serves only haute cuisine.
They only hire geeks and apparently recieve about 1000 applications daily. Geeks rule when it comes to having class, brains and integrity."

04 June, 2007 09:14  

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