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General Crap

It all piles up at once, doesn't it? I am looking at a busy couple of weeks in a ddition to the week that has just passed. Aside from a new semester dawming tomorrow, Trent is down with his wife and 1.5 children. My landlady has asked me to look after her cat, which she completely panics about. I have rehearsal tomorrow night and intend to see Bill Bruford's drum clinic at the Ridge Theatre on Wednesday. Must remember to bring my copy of Red for him to sign. And then there is a tonne of little things beside.
One ineteresting thing that always happens when I try to go back to church, and I have been trying, is that everyone suddenly seems to need me elsewhere or other things pop up at the same time. I don't go to church and things are kind of dead. I start attending and WHAMO! The worst of is when people tell me they need me to do something and then call me at the last momment to cancel. As i take transit this can really screw me over.
I am hoping that a job I am applying for will pan out. The job is $40,000- $48,000 a year looking after the security and parking issues surrounding a major campus in the Fraser Valley. If it does work out I will move to Langley and be able to get a car/motorcycle. I still intend to return to school, however and would just be using the job to further that end. Since my landlady is considering selling her place, I hope it does pan out.

The Title

The title of this post was from a fortune cookie at my table on Friday. Apparently it is pretty common, but I know the line best from the Faith No More song "Land of Sunshine" from Angel Dust. Mike Patton apparently culled the lyrics together from fortune cookies and from Scientology's personality test.


I had an old lady (70+ is my guess) from the Phillipines (she looked and sounded like a Filipina anyway) lecture me on the bus that I had to get married and have kids. I was reading one of my Ex Machina comics on the bus and she asked me if I had bought it for my kids. I just shook my hy head and she looked shocked. She looked at my left hand and asked me why I didn't have a wife. I just said that overweight, underpaid ,comic reading geeks who rely on transit and obsess over music don't get to have wives. As I was leaving the bus she tugged on my jacket sleave and admonished me to go get a wife.
Any volunteers? Didn't think so.


Blogger Sheila West said...

Church is usually a pretty good place to find a wife.

07 May, 2007 06:29  
Blogger Geosomin said...

My friend Heather is going through the same thing. She keeps meeting well meaning older people asking what is a pretty intelligent girl like you still single for?
She has no idea. Neither do I. Same with idea.
Sometimes the best people have to wait for the right person.

I hope the job thing works out...a change of pace sounds like it would be just the thing for you right now.

07 May, 2007 08:25  
Blogger Magnus said...

Sheila: Most Christians and I don't get along that well, usually has to do with my views on society and politics. That and I have lousy tastes in women. Kinda like my Dad that way.

Geo: The job is a loooooong shot. If I don't hear back from this week then I know I don't have it. Problem is that I don't have supervisory and administerial experience.
I should also clarify for anyone that doesn't know my position that I do not believe in the idea of the one. People click and that other person becomes the one, but I don't believe in pre-destination in most any way, shape or fashion.
My politically incorrect thought, which I was going to hold back, was welcome to North America lady - don't judge my culture and I won't judge yours.

07 May, 2007 08:53  
Blogger Thoth Harris said...

Magnus said: My politically incorrect thought, which I was going to hold back, was welcome to North America lady - don't judge my culture and I won't judge yours.

Thoth: That's not politically incorrect, Magnus. It's just bluntly expressed. If it is politically incorrect then I am really, really, really in trouble when I get back to Canada. Next month.

07 May, 2007 10:07  
Blogger Glen McKay said...

First thing to ask yourself is - do you want to get married?

If so maybe you have to cast the net wider? A Catholic friend of mine turned to online dating/marriage sites and eventually found someone, in India of all places! (she's an MBA so no this wasn't some case of paying an agency lots of "fees" to find a wife). Their online relationship was two years long but they are now married.

Stranger things have happened in this world to find love . . .

07 May, 2007 10:40  
Blogger Magnus said...

Yeah and that sentiment extends to people from Alberta and Ontario who expect BC to become just like the places they left, socially and politically. I hardly know this place any more.

07 May, 2007 10:54  
Blogger Magnus said...

Whoa, one little anecdote about marriage and cross-cultural differences and eveyone chips in.
Online dating sucks. Checked it out and it was a dead end. I was on one system and most of the replys were from the Eastern Seaboard in the US - New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, etc.
I am also not overly anxious to get married. I have things I want to do and marriage would kind of get in the way. I also would not marry outside my own religion, just not a good idea AFAIAC. I may just freeze my genetic information for later use

07 May, 2007 11:05  
Blogger Magnus said...

Also Glen, I think of on-line romance and still remember Dean's creepy little story.

07 May, 2007 11:06  
Blogger Glen McKay said...

You mean Dean, the guy who got into online romances while he was still married? Gee, wonder why that didn't work out well. ;)

Anyway, since you're not all that anxious to get married, nothing to worry about then for a while I guess.

BTW, I hate it too when people tell me to get married. Or ask why I'm not married yet. What business is it of theirs? I like being single.

08 May, 2007 05:13  
Blogger Magnus said...

In the past I used to tell people I knew I would have no further contact with that I was a widower and that I had no interest in remarrying.

08 May, 2007 09:04  

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