Friday, April 28, 2006


CD in Play: The Flaming Lips, At War With the Mystics.

So this post is really just an excuse to post the picture, but does any one think that the new Cybermen look a tad bit like Marvel Comics' Iron Man? (a combination of the 60's to 80's version) I do. Apparently the Cybermen are the only foes of Dr. Who to get a regular make-over, one that reflects the decade they are in, but they have hit on a winner this time if you ask me. Hell, looking that cool... get rid of my body and dump me in a shell now!


Blogger Geosomin said...

Cool eh? I think they look fantastic. A lot more realistic than the oldones, although I always found themmore freaky than the borg...I honestly think they inspired the borgin star trek.
It's killing me, as I'm anti spiler and I can't go to the BBC site to snoop around much anymore or I'll learn too much about the new episodes. I hope hockey ends soon so we can get to see the new season of Dr. Who. If it's all this cool, I'm excited...

01 May, 2006 10:21  
Anonymous magnus said...

I picked this photo up at wikipedia, btw.

01 May, 2006 10:23  

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