Monday, November 07, 2005

One of My Favourite Things in the Whole Bleeping World!

CD in Play: CD? We don't need no stinking CDs! We got the Phase Toy!

As many people who know me know that one of my all-time favourite sites is - some members of whom belong to Tomato, the people who did the credits for Trainspotting that everyone loves so much. It seems to be slipping a bit as a time wasting site, but it still has one of my all time favourite things - the phase toy. This link should take you there - - if not, click on the name Allen Anderson at You will be re-directed to his site, pickled onion, and from there you can access the phase toy.
The phase toy is a little musical generator. You'll see three boxes with a series of rows and columns with plus and minus signs to control the number of columns in each box. (one column minimum to a maximum of 16) The music is creates sounds like minimalism, a la Steve Reich, or Javanese gamelan. Very hypnotic and I love playing around with it. Would love to make an album using antirom stuff as the base. Some of you know it already, others of you will find it irritating - but no one should it find too boring.

* I checked to see if the link worked - it did. that brought up a second set of boxes. Once I post this I am going to try opening three sets and play with that.


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