Sunday, November 06, 2005


As most people who know me will know by now, I had my phone stolen today in a coffee shop. I was editing a sales manual at J.J. Bean on Commercial Drive and I had made two calls before 5:30. I had been taking it with when I had to go to the bathroom. (I also have a discman, but it is held together by elastic bands so only a complete retard would steal it and hope to get any money for it) Around six is when it would have been stolen. I put it in my right hand jacket pocket, which was right beside the wall. I went up to refill my coffee so I was maybe away for a minute - it wasn't too busy at that point. When I returned I went right back to editing for the next hour.
Just before 7pm I decided to pack up and head home. Where was my phone? Not in the jacket, on the floor, on the table, or in my bag. I checked the washrooms and around the shop. Asked the staff, who offered to call my phone while I walked around. Nothing. A woman in the shop offered to call it as well - nothing.
I guess what really chokes me isn't the theft itself, but the inaction of the people sitting around me. One of then could have been the culprit, but the others could have said something. (everyone sitting around me the whole day were pretty lightweight and non-threatening types) If they were affraid of saying it while the theft occurred, they could have told me just after the fact.
The phone has been disconnected. My phone also had lousy reception, but that may have been Rogers failing to support the technology of an older phone. (my friend Pete has the same model of Nokia phone, but is with Telus. He gets full reception where I get "NO SERVICE" notices) Funny thing is, the jacket the phone was in is actually worth more than the phone. Arc'teryx retails my jacket (Theta AR) for around $675.


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