Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Frayed Ends of Sanity

I have been backing off the politics lately. Sort of like sodium consumption, I figure a little less would be better for my stress and health levels. But that doesn't mean I am not interested. Aside from BC's recent, and predictably disappointing, Provincial election and the worldwide Economic and Environmental crises, here are some of the topics I am engaged with at the moment.

1. Republic of Guinea: I am curious to see what will happen wit this country after it's bloodless coup at the end of 2008, but news has been scant.

2. Bill 5 and Bill 6 - Public Service Essential Services Act: The right wing Saskatchewan Party has enacted two bills to kneecap labour in this province. Working class people should never be happy when its government is looking for new ways to make it easier to sodomise them without lubricant. This affects me, btw. Not all the jobs that would be affected by Bill 5 are essential (Hospital librarians?) and Bill 6 is just plain anti-democratic.

3. Sanctuary for former KGB translator, Mikhail Lennikov: Mr. Lennikov was to be deported back to Russia as an undesirable, leaving his wife and son back here in Canada. He has not been engaged in espionage in this country and the U.S.S.R. is defunct. So what is the deal? I cannot provide specific examples, (there are two Polish families I am thinking of but, cannot recall their names) but Canada really likes to shit on Slavic immigrants via deportation. Being part Belarussian, I kind of take it personally.


This has nothing to do with cereal, but rather a list of what I have been listening to of late, in no specific order:

1. Isis, Wavering Radiant: Takes what they have building on for a while now (more specifically, Oceanic) and refines it further. More focused that Panopticon and more punchy that In the Absence of Truth...

2. Peter Gabriel, 2 also sometimes referred to as Scratch: I like Peter Gabriel's output before he hit the ... errr, "big time" with So. However, up until now, I have only ever had the double sic set of Plays Live. Solid album with Robert Fripp producing - even shares the title track from his own solo album of that year, "Exposure".

3. Mastodon, Crack the Skye: Metallic bliss.

4. Mogwai, The Hawk is Howling: My iPod really likes this album too, particularly the track "Daphne and the Brain".

5. Wilco, Being There. Still a great album. RIP Jay Bennett.

6. Matthew Sweet, Altered Beast: Still great and still largely underrated and unknown.


Anonymous Geo said...

I liked So, but not for the hits.

04 June, 2009 09:27  
Blogger Magnus said...

ke best by him post Security is "Digging in the Dirt".

04 June, 2009 16:54  
Blogger Magnus said...

That should have read - The song I like best by him...

04 June, 2009 16:56  
Anonymous Gavin said...

The thing with the former KGB agent is bizarre. I mean, I know an ex-Red Army sergeant who's selling real estate in the Lower Mainland - big deal.
Russia is relatively democratic. They're not as liberal as we are wrt state power, but that'll come with time. Russia is also pretty supportive of Western stances on terrorism and North Korea. So they've been flexing some muscle lately. But that has nothing to do with the ex-KGB officer.

BTW how about Nova Scotia!

10 June, 2009 11:04  
Anonymous Mag-o-nus said...

Yeah, that is quite something for that to happen in the Maritimes.
as for the ex-KGB agent - Canada cut a lot of Nazi war criminals way more slack.

10 June, 2009 23:14  

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