Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Actually, this could still be used today.


Blogger Geosomin said...

This is awesome...

21 May, 2009 10:09  
Blogger Magnus said...

I like it, but I have to admit liking the "What the fuck am I doing here?" poster the best.
Also, Bert would have made a great dictator.

21 May, 2009 20:45  
Blogger Glen McKay said...

I love old propaganda posters, and these updated ones are funny. The car share should now be "When you ride alone you are safer from H1N1!!!

22 May, 2009 05:06  
Anonymous Mag-o-nus said...

Ride Alone! Your Gas Guzzling Pig May Save You From Swine Flu!

22 May, 2009 06:59  

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