Sunday, August 17, 2008

Got the Time?

CD in Play: Madness, 7

I hate wrist watches. I don't like wearing them, aside from an old and illegal Rolex rip-off someone brought back for me from Singapore in the 90's. I always wanted a pocket watch, but they aren't commonly sold and aren't cheap if they are working. My Dad periodically chastised me that I should get a watch, but eventually realized that I generally have a good sense of time and stopped. Still, a pocket watch would have been cool.
I was struck sometime ago, however, when I had my first cell phone that they really are the new pocket watches. I thought about it for a while and then forgot about it. However, yesterday at work people would ask me for the time and here I was pulling my phone out of my pocket. As I watched the crowds going back and forth at the Folk Fest (a completely different affair here than in Vancouver) I saw other people doing the same thing. They weren't wearing watches, no need as their phones told the time for them.
Of course cell phones (not including a certain computer company's wonderphone du jour) do a whole lot more than tell the time, but that isn't the point. (Trent)


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