Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bad Monday

CD in Play: King Crimson, Red. The United States of America, eponymous

Exam Stress Isn't Just for Students

Good Friday was followed by Bad Monday for me. Not that Friday was any less stressful, but it was the end of the work week. Of course it has been bad Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday as well. Students on campus are in exam mode, which means that they ar even less considerate than usual and my antipathy toward them is correspondingly greater. The move stuff around all over the place and don't put it back. They write of the tables, on the walls and on the windows. They move things with a promise to move it back when they are done and then sneak off campus. They move things and place them in such a way as to be hazardous. They block stairwells, elevators entrances and fire exits, but haven't a clue as to what they are doing wrong. Some will move things back if ask them. One guy actually volunteers quite willingly, but most grumble and like to point out that this is not why they pay tuition. Some even tell me I don't have the right to make them do anything. These are the same people who complain to us that they never seem to have enough chairs and tables in their classrooms come exam time. One guy got me so angry this morning, I exploded into a string of vulgarities and profanities. I really try to avoid profanities.
I'm not the only one getting a hard time. One co-worker was seething after his shift on Monday and is still pretty choked. Another co-worker has been looking at Help Want ads ever since last Thursday, because of the stress. It makes me wonder how much I actually want to become a high school teacher. Granted, as a teacher I would have much more authority, but the level of maturity in this bunch is unfathomably low. Maybe I should concentrate on becoming an Art Teacher - be one of the good guys for a change. Anyhow, I am taking tomorrow off and have been advised that I can take Friday off if I want as well.


Anonymous trent said...

Hey. I was just listening to Red today, too.

Not the whole album, but the two faves from there (Red, Nightmare) popped up in about half an hour of listening on my iPod.

Anyway. I tried sending you an email to see if our favourite political impersonator's retirement had cheered up your day, but email is acting up....

11 April, 2007 17:26  
Blogger Geosomin said...

Take the days and chill out.
Students CAN be a royal PITA. We're in exams here too and I"m amazed at the rudeness and inconsiderate nature of some of the students - especially the medical students...somehow bwing a future doctore gives you the right to be a prick to the little people.

Just go to the partk, sip some beer or tea from a mug and relax. It'll do you good. I did that the other day and felt a lot better.
Hope today is better for you...

12 April, 2007 08:26  

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