Saturday, September 02, 2006

Betablogger Sucks Pond Water!

Dear Blogger/Gmail team - I want out of Betablogger right f#@%ing now! Set me free! Return me to the old system - I demand the option!!! I am fed up and cannot stand it any longer.


Blogger Thoth Harris said...

Here, here!

(Thumbs down)

Kill it, kill it!

03 September, 2006 03:48  
Blogger Magnus said...

Apparently those of us in betatest can no longer comment on blogger blogs that aren't in beta-test. NOT HAPPY!!! >:[

04 September, 2006 03:46  
Blogger RC said...

i'm sorry you don't like it...i hope they work out the bugs, b/c it seems like it could be good down the road.

but i'm waiting, as confirmed by your post.

--RC of

05 September, 2006 22:24  

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