Thursday, August 17, 2006

Bombs, Screams and Dieties - Oh My!

CD in Play: Tortoise, Millions Now Living Will Never Die.

A Few Links Worth Checking Out

Betty Ragan posted this on her blog, but I thought it was entirely worth repriniting here given my love of mythology. See Godchecker.

Pete Chattaway sent me a few worth checking. First few have to do with teh Wilhelm Scream, a hackneyed sound effect that keep sgetting recycled as a homage/in-joke. It needs to be put to bed for a very long time. See clips of the sceam at YouTube. Trust Wikipedia to have an entry on it. Actually, they have a second entry as well. And lastly, he sent me a link to New Scientist's online article on three possible new editions to our Solar System. The article also contains a cool vid file of a planet fly by.

This latest round of hostilities between Israel and Lebanon got you concerned? It should. Seymour Hersh apparently reported the New Yorker that White House Officials had planning this assualt on Lebanon for over a year. Hezbollah has been seen by some US officials as an obstacle to taking on Iran. He states that Cheney hopes to have Hezbollah taken out of the picture so the US can commence strikes against Iran. Democracy Now! has an interview with Hersh about these current events. Pretty dispicable given Cheney's history of dodging his own turn at National Service.
Here is a Wikipedia article on Hersh, including some questions about his credibility.


Blogger RC said...

interesting, i haven't heard of hersh before.

--RC of

18 August, 2006 00:13  
Anonymous Gavin said...

Look up the New Yorker on-line to read Hersh's newest article. The article discusses Rumsfeld's lack of enthusiasm for Israel to go after Hezbollah given the Department of Defence's problems in Iraq - which makes complete and total sense.
The more disturbing Democracy Now! interview is the one on CUFI - Christians United for Israel. An H.P. Lovecraft story is scary in an entertaing way. CUFI's agenda is just plain terrifying.

18 August, 2006 16:20  

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