Wednesday, May 18, 2005

"Blog More"

Aside from Trent's in-blog urging, I have received emails from friends stating that I need to blog more. I do need to blog more. But writer's block is a pain and I haven't been happy with much of what I have been writing. Unless you want me to treat my blog like a diary? Frankly that would be dull, dull, dull.
Looked through classifieds today. Amazing how I am qualified for almost nothing. Lot of crap jobs. Went for a walk and watched ducks in flight. Drank coffee. Went home and played Call of Duty. Like playing the Soviets, the PPsh kicks butt. Still wish they would come out with an all tank expansion pack. Think I have a new mole on my thigh or maybe a cyst. I have been worried about prostate cancer lately...
Yawn... zzzzz Huh? Yeah... the blog. I am open to suggestions. What do you want to read here? You can either post suggestions here or send them to me via email if you have the address. Unemployment has a way of retarding my creative process, so give it a little poke. Seriously, give me a topic and let us see what I could write about.


Anonymous trent said...

You jest, but there ain't nothing wrong with stream o' thought blogging. And I bet as you toss out these random lines, one will grab you and you'll run with it for a ways....

There's lots of people who do slice-of-life blogging. "Here's what I did today." Sure, it may not appeal to everybody, but there's a core group here who aren't everybody. Who actually find it interesting and unique if you finish a computer game without resorting to codes. Or care that you worry about your prostate, even if we try not to dwell on that subject too much.

I know Peter often carries his entries along a single theme, but that's because he's Peter. He making a living as a writer, and he's using his entries as fodder for his articles. Compare, say, his blog about Sin City (Which I finally got to see last night) to his review of Sin City. You'll find half the review is verbatim his blog entry.

You are not getting paid to write anything, unless you have not told me everything. So, there is no need for things to be "Important." Comment of the latest episode of BG. You'll probably have a bunch of fans show up to see what you say. Tell me about Call of Duty, which I haven't played yet. Indulge us in your fears.

For some of us, farther removed, this is the closest thing we have to actually talking to you, to us.

And someday, maybe I'll talk back.

24 May, 2005 17:33  
Anonymous Trent said...

Of course, that was always the bane at the OP. "What do you want to write about?" "Anything." And so most wound up writing about nothing. So tell me your thoughts on BG. I still haven't seen it; I missed the first few episodes, and now am waiting until they start rebroadcasting. Is it holding up to its strong beginnings?

24 May, 2005 19:24  

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