Saturday, April 16, 2005


Writer's block is a pain in the arse. For the past couple of weeks I have sat down to writre something and nothing comes out. Sentences try to trip me up and paragraphs pimp-slap me all up and down the console. Even now I am struggling to find the words to describe the hassles of writers block! Meanwhile I have wanted to go fishing for the last month. I haven't gone fishing since I was kid, usually off the pier at Belcarra Park. I want to get my rod, dig out my tackle box, get a license and hit one of the local lakes. Maybe Pitt Lake? I can borrow a life jacket and rent a canoe. Supposedly, Pitt is a great place for rainbow trout, cutthroat, white sturgeon, steelhead and salmon. I am interested in the trout fishing. Buntzen Lake stocks kokanee (and I do not mean the beer for you local wise-asses) which I haven't since the last time I saw my Grandfather in 2004. Delicious fish. Some of the other local lakes stock kokanee as well. I have been told that fishing for fresh water fish is more of a challenge than fishing in salt water. No idea if that is true, but I aim to find out.
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Blogger Geosomin said...

All this talk of fish...I just had a memory of you showing me around the Vancouver aquarium...and learning how a lot of the fish on display tasted...Thanks a lot. Now I have a craving for fish and chips at 11Pm on a thursday in Saskatchewan. God help me...
(is it is his will that I find fish? :) )

21 April, 2005 22:27  
Anonymous Magnus said...

prarie fish... (shudder) Horrible memories of BBC Friday night cafeteria food. Meatloaf swimming in grease, cheddar soup, leftover surprise and that terrible, horrible, abominable prarie whitefish. I saved up my money to go eat at the Pilgrim on Fridays. If I didn't have teh cash I smuggled food out at lunch time.
I think the grand design is for you and your husband to return to the West Coast and have a "Grade A" fish meal with me. >:D

22 April, 2005 15:47  
Anonymous Trent said...

Blog More.

And tell el scientisto to allow people who aren't bloggers to make comments.

Though my entire comment would be

Blog more.

29 April, 2005 15:04  

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