Friday, March 18, 2005

Blogging For Fun or Profit?

Being new to the blogosphere I wasn'tt certain what to expect. Looking over my own blog, I clicked to see the next blog. It was all in Portuguese, Rick on the Road. Next one was Menachem Plaurt's Pravda Ne'eman. After that was A caffeinated Place, followed by fluyen los pensamientos, followed by Casual Socialist, etc. Then there was a whole host of for-profit blogs advertising for insurance, mortgages, pursuing litigation and pool cleaning. I am all for freedom of speech, but does this sort of thing really belong here?
As a guy who believes in stiff penalties for spamming, I have to say it is a bit of a piss-off. The last thing we need anywhere in this world is more bloody advertising. It gets stuffed in my mailboxes, both real world and online. It is posted on buses, bus stops, in front of urinals, on clothing, billboards, radio, before movies, in movies and on television. (again both as separate ads and hidden adverts within the programming itself) Now some people decide that the blog is a perfect way to make profit. Piss off.
Yeah, I know… I can just click by. But you know, this crap just clogs up the internet like bad cholesterol clogs up a good artery. This not to say I hold anything against the independent artist, writer, musician, etc trying set up a place where they can field their work to the public - that is a totally different thing to my mind. A lawyer and an insurance agent on the other hand should have to shell out the dough for a commercial website and not be able to take advantage of services like this one. Thus endeth the rant. Maybe you feel different?


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