Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Lights Go Down on the Shining Path

In 2005 I started this blog. Trent suggested I start it. I was unemployed - again - frustrated, angry and more than a bit isolated. Friends had moved on and away, got married, had kids and started new lives that just didn't involve me. No car, no license, no social life. And I was angry, very angry with little means to express myself. Thus, the Shining Path was started.
It has been hit and miss as a blog goes, inconsistent in terms of theme, outlook, quantity and quality. A few things killed my enthusiasm for this little adventure: lack of time, periodic exhaustion, Chinese porn spammers, the little jerk-off who kept posting up about pot and God, redundancy of my posts and the fact that I am just not quite the same guy who first posted in 2005.
So this is the final post for me. I may start another blog at some point, (when I do I will post a link here) but the curtain and lights are coming down on this one. Thanks for reading and the best of luck to you all.

Well except the little asswipe and the Chinese spammers - piss off.